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Ruby's Place

Address: 226 Linden Blvd
Brooklyn, New York
Owner: Community Counseling and Mediation
Architect: Magnusson Architecture and Planning
Key Features:

Ruby's Place is a nine-story, 72-unit supportive residence being developed by Community Counseling and Mediation for single adults living with mental illness. The 42,000sf new building is designed with sensitivity to the surrounding brick residential buildings and will match the front setbacks of the rest of the block, with a landscaped front yard. The deep site also allows for a rear yard with passive sitting, active recreation and residents' gardening areas.

The 73 mini-studios, averaging 320 square feet each, will be located on Floors 2 through 9, and will include large windows and fully adaptable / accessible kitchenettes and bathrooms. Ruby's Place is being designed for certification under the Enterprise Green Communities Program, with green design and energy efficiency as guiding principles for the entire building.  Program spaces including Counseling Rooms will be located on the first floor along with a tenant lounge and community room facing the rear yard. The partial cellar will house mechanical space as well as a computer room, laundry room, and bike storage for residents.