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Belmar 5th and 10th Avenue Pavilions

Address: 5th / 10th Avenues and Ocean Avenue
Belmar, NJ
Owner: Borough of Belmar
Architect: Sonnenfeld & Trocchia
Key Features:

The 5th and 10th avenue pavilions were landmarks at the Jersey Shore for over 80 years until super-storm Sandy came along. Johnson and Urban was part of the reconstruction process by providing  MEP systems design for the new, replacement structures.

The John Taylor Pavilion (5th Avenue) is a one-story, 6,822 square feet facility that serves as home to Belmar Beachfront Operations, Concession Space and Event Space.

The Howard Rowland Pavilion (10oth Avenue) is a 2,658 square foot state-of-the art Public Safety building that will serve as Headquarters for our Lifeguards and a substation for Police, First Aid & Water Rescue; and will also include a Concession Space.