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Carteret Middle School

Address: 300 Carteret Avenue
Carteret, NJ
Owner: Borough of Carteret
Architect: DMR Architects
Key Features:

Johnson and Urban provided professional services to the Carteret Board of Education to design a new Junior High School, which was approved by voters in a September 2019 referendum.

The design accommodates for approximately 600 seventh and eighth grade students, which will allow for a reassignment and realignment that will eventually result in the three existing elementary schools serving preK-4; the existing middle school serving grades 5 and 6; the new junior high school serving grades 7 and 8; and the existing high school serving grades 9-12. In addition to addressing overcrowding, the construction of the new school will open up space to provide full day kindergarten and additional pre-K programs.

The 60,000 SF school will be arranged in a departmentalized environment, with 24 classrooms, enhanced art and music education spaces, think tank and STEM lab.

The project was part of a $37 million referendum which would fund the construction of the new school, as well as additional upgrades to each of the district's other facilities.